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Improve Bottom Line

Create revenue opportunities, remove unproductive rekeying of invoices, orders and other business data

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Secure and Extensible

Fusion is designed for ease of use and easy extensibility


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Remove Frustrations

Frustrated with technologies that rely on XML hierarchies and clumsy reusability features? Fusion is right for you

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Connecting Your Business

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and more...

FUSION (iamFusion™) is the comprehensive business-to-business data integration platform featuring full business process modelling in a graphical environment

Fusion covers all connectivity requirements

Fusion technology is patented, mature and really easy to use.  Many of our customers have installations dating back the best part of a decade that have just happily done the job without any intervention required.

Whether you need a tool for one-off conversions or a platform to build interfaces between systems, Fusion has the power to deliver.  Fast.